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I wouldnt change a thing about you. Because if i did you wouldnt be the same, and if you werent the same how could i still love you the same. If you stay the same ill love you with my heart and all. But if you changed how could i love you at all. I could live a day 1 thousand times, but as long as i get the oppertunity to make you smile ill be ok. If a smile a day would make you live ten years longer. Then as long as im with you ill live forever. The time between when i saw you till when i will see you is a century. And it can never quite go by fast enough. Taylor i love you so much and you perfect. Please babe, never change

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I love the old you. The one who i fell deeply in love with. The one who used to go bonkers when she saw me. The one who i asked to homecoming on her front porch. The one who told me she wantes to be with me forever. The one who didnt care about anyone in the world but me. And most of all the one who always made me lauph and smile… What happened to her… Is she lost or dead or just hidding. Will she ever come back to haunt my dreams with her deathly love and those pretty green eyes. Or willshe never appear again and my dreams willbe left untouched. Uncharted. Unloved

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Anonymous said: How small is your penis?

7.6 exactly! Ill send you a photo baby

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Anonymous said: whats your name?


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How do i keep reverting back to thinking of you??? you must really got me cause im stressing and shit but some how i still think of you…  what the fuck is happening..

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